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Since our establishment in 2007, MARIN GARDEN SERVICES  has been a pioneer in delivering top-notch gardening services. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of creating and maintaining outdoor spaces that reflect your unique style.

Service Offerings:

Regular Maintenance:

 Experience the joy of a well-maintained garden throughout the year. Our regular maintenance services cover everything from weeding and pruning to fertilization, ensuring your garden stays vibrant and healthy.

Lawn Mowing:

Enjoy a lush, perfectly manicured lawn with our expert lawn mowing services. We use modern, electric lawn mowers to achieve a pristine look while minimizing noise and environmental impact.

Sprinkler Systems:

Optimize water usage and keep your plants thriving with our efficient sprinkler systems. Our team designs, installs, and maintains systems that ensure your garden receives the right amount of water, promoting healthy growth.

Service Highlights:
Environmental Stewardship:

MARIN GARDEN SERVICES  is dedicated to being a steward of the environment. Our eco-friendly practices contribute to sustainability, promoting the health of your landscape and the planet.

Healthier Outdoor Spaces:

 Experience the beauty of a garden that thrives without harm. Our eco-friendly approach enhances the vitality of your outdoor spaces while minimizing any negative impact on the ecosystem.

Futuristic Solutions:

Be a part of a greener tomorrow. MARIN GARDEN SERVICES  embraces futuristic gardening solutions that prioritize environmental well-being, setting the standard for sustainable landscaping.

Service Hours: 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

Serving Marin County and San Francisco County with pride and dedication.

Choose MARIN GARDEN SERVICES  for an eco-friendly, fully electric, and serene gardening experience. Contact us today and join us in creating a sustainable, beautiful outdoor sanctuary.


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